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The Predator (1 of 2)

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“I’m a craft service person for the motion picture industry, a snack king to the stars and every studio in Hollywood shut down like a wielded sword cutting through the veil of my livelihood. Goliath had fallen and Sony, Warner Bros, Fox and Universal all lay claim to David’s wrath. The pandemic was no longer a stone’s throw from my doorstep. 
‘Don’t be Alarmed. Stay Calm. You’re safer at home. Shelter in place.’ 
These were the tones that resonated from the media outlets, the sound of America shutting down. The world has completely flipped off its axis and the balancing act is more treacherous than a tightrope walk over Niagara. I am trying not to fall, dip or drop from this roller coaster of emotions but the pandemic does not discriminate or shy from pigment, class or culture. 
It is a predator of life, attempting to dismantle the hinges of humanity. There are emotional ebbs and flows when it comes to the pandemic. At times, I have the strength of Hercules sprinting over hurdles on Mount Olympus, at others my comforter shields me from an outside world as the guardian of my serenity, where no two days are the same and time moves at the speed of lightning. 
As a poet from the Artist collective ‘Diverse Verses 5’ I have had the freedom to create and be within the spirit of my artistry at any given time, day, minute, or second as I do not feel bound by a job or any strenuous appointments. It is a freeing feeling. 
I’ve also been running virtual open mics on Friday nights with my poetry collective ‘Long Beach NeverSpeakslb” which knocks the edge off and allows an outlet to release the anxiety and emotional discomfort that comes with being quarantined. The pandemic is an inconveniencing force whose energy fills the room and makes me feel trapped within my surroundings. 
I KNOW that I am safer at home. Nevertheless, I would still like to bring down the moat and leave the castle to view the kingdom.”