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Born Charlie created Philosophy, the unsigned paradigm to poetry. He is Passionate about poetry, politics, Angel baseball, generosity, kung fu movies, Chuck Norris, cart wheels, double-dutch and extravagant trips to Yogurtland. He found poetry in the confines and caverns of Cal. State Long Beach and have been lost in the word ever since. He has poetry slammed throughout the states, staking he's claim with the #1 Love Poem in the Nation, co-writing the #1 Political Poem in the Nation, and being the captain of the #4 Slam Team in the Nation. He is a force... that has graced the stage of The Fly Poets Show Case and captivated audiences for the N.A.A.C.P. He was on the season 4 finale of Tvone's Verses and Flow, which is comprised of the top tier of America's poetry talents. These Poets showcase their craft on a national stage with such Grammy winning artist as Gary Clark Jr, Maxwell, and Jill Scott.

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Don't be Alarmed. Stay Calm. You're safer at home. Shelter in place.

I am a craft service person for the motion picture industry; a snack King to the stars. Friday, March 13th was fitting for the day. Every studio in Hollywood shut down like a wielded sword cutting through the veil of my livelihood. Goliath had fallen. Sony, Warner Brothers, Fox and Universal lay claim to David’s wrath. The pandemic was no longer a stone’s throw from my doorstep.

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